August/September 2016


Sarah Beahm is a local illustrator who graduated from Tyler School of Art.  This body of work incorporates sewn elements into to colorful gouache paintings.


April-July 2016


Deb Krauss is a longtime Philly resident.  This is her first “proper” art show.  Deb captures the world through her iPhone, and thus is an “iPhoneograper”….
215 478-3352


February/March 2016

Nicoloe Parker is a painter and printmaker whose work takes the form of representational and often narrative images inspired by her own memories and experiences. She currently divides her time between her hometown in Maryland, and Philadelphia, where she is currently attending the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts to earn her Bachelor’s degree.
Nicole is continuously fascinated by the vivid, tactile and often absurd nature of memories, especially those from her own childhood, and is attracted to images with a strong sensory or emotional aspect. Much of her inspiration comes from her perceptions of color and the senses in relation to one another. More specifically, sounds and sensations have colors to her, and vice-versa. This has profoundly affected the way she works and what she is inspired by. She works from memory and observation in tandem to create small visual fragments of her own larger memoir. Her artistic practice is further supplemented and inspired by many hobbies and interests which she pursues in her spare time, including sewing and garment design, poetry, music, film, developmental psychology and the French language. Her website can be viewed here (hyperlink: