Michael E. Kelly “Mostly Anonymous Human Faces”

My art is the continuous study of mostly anonymous human faces. Though instantly recognizable, a face is built up of hundreds of shapes in a gradient of tone. Trusting my ability to capture those interconnecting shapes, I draw them with an indelible marker or heavy-handed pencil line.

You don’t need to know someone’s identity in order to have that face reflect a truth you have known or felt. Every face has the potential to translate a universal feeling; my art is a practice of realizing that potential.


April/May 2017
Live Music by: Jawn Lennon
Hannah Lacy’s abstract paintings aim to elicit a visceral response to color.
Ethereal layered landscapes create depth that welcomes participation in an
emotive narrative, unique to each viewer.
The aim is not to represent or reproduce, but rather to create space for the
viewer to become aware of the points in their own story that the interplay of
color resonates with.
Viewers should think not “what is it?” or “what does it mean?” but rather seek
to understand how the color (or lack thereof) reflects their own belief,
memory, emotion and self
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Robert M Bender

Feb/March 2017

Live Celtic music by Ceol Mor

Robert is a seasoned fine artist. A New Jersey native he was trained at an early age when his talent was recognized. His ability was matured by local talented artists who supported him in his decision, to pursue art as a career. His mother, a gifted pianist, encouraged him to go to PAFA(Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts). He received an Eleanor Gray scholarship and after 4 years a Cresson Traveling Scholarship(one of eight given by the school.)

Since then he has received a number of awards in local shows. He also has had a solo show at the FAN Gallery in Philadelphia. His work is represented in many fine collections throughout the Delaware Valley.

His style combines the composition and techniques of various art schools of thought that have influenced him.  The Dutch Masters – painters such as Carot, Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper, and many others.  He has evolved a personal style that encompasses the best elements of what he considers as relevant to achieve the mood he is after in his work.rob1 rob2